Category: phd life

Making a cultural reference that his undergrads do not understand, the grad student abruptly feels his own age.

Bumbling though a conversation with an eminent professor, the grad student outdoes his own stupidity with every remark he makes.

Chugging another caffeinated drink to meet an urgent deadline, the grad student rushes towards having a dead heart.

Running into his advisor with his family in a non-academic setting, the grad student could not feel more disoriented.

Having his first day off in months, the grad student does not know what to do with himself.

Accepting a calculated risk, the grad student naps during his office hours.

Spotting a student on her phone in the front row, the grad student begrudgingly respects how little she cares about the class.

Attending a meeting scheduled for Thursday, the grad student realizes today is Wednesday.

Jamming gym clothes into his luggage for a conference, the grad student gets the only workout he will have during the entire conference.

Detesting an arrogant admit, the grad student concocts a strategy to persuade him to choose a different program.