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The Avengers No.1 (1963) – Cover Recreation

Created by Andrew Cookston || IG

Infinite Power!

Image by Andrew Cookston || IG

Mister Doctor

Art by Ethen T || IG

MOC: Lego Ghost Rider & His Bike

Build by
Hachiroku24 || YT


Image by

Jerry Perry

Iron vs Ant

Image by Jeremy Rider || IG

Loki’s Helmet on display at the El Capitan Theatre

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I am the king of New Asgard!

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This is The Fight of Our Lives

Image by Jeremy Rider || IG

Thank You Avengers not just for the magnificent films, but for the places
I’ve visited because of you, the wonderful people I’ve met, the
incredible experiences I’ve had, and most of all for the friends I’ve
made along the way. You have changed my life for the better 😘