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Staying safe in his apartment, the grad student seizes the opportunity to socially distance himself from pants.

Grabbing a pack of toilet paper, the grad student clings to an utterly irrational source of comfort in the midst of extraordinary uncertainty.

Editing a paper draft to an obsessive degree, the grad student relishes a rare moment of having control.

Exiting his office for the last time this decade, the grad student does not (have any desire to) look back.

Garnering applause on the last day of class, the grad student suspects the undergrads are simply happy about never having to deal with him again.

Ordering an irresponsible number of items via online shopping, the grad student temporarily distracts himself from his feelings of emptiness.

Carving out an entire day to do uninterrupted work, the grad student promptly loses all motivation and watches movies instead.

Making a cultural reference that his undergrads do not understand, the grad student abruptly feels his own age.

Bumbling though a conversation with an eminent professor, the grad student outdoes his own stupidity with every remark he makes.