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 Hi guys,

I’ve decided I’m going to cease using this blog to share my creations. With recent events in mind, I feel that Tumblr is no longer a viable platform for what I want to do. I shan’t delete the blog, but I shan’t post more to it either.

This, however, isn’t really the end. You can still find me on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, and if you want to get in touch with me directly you can add me on Discord (Logan#8928).

I will miss Tumblr, as I love how the platform works, but with more and more people jumping ship I just don’t think it’s worth carrying on here.

See you on the other side boys and girls 🙂

– Lewis

Simple HF Hero Frame

A simple alternative to the standard CCBS torso frame which gives Heroes filled in armpits, a poseable neck, and a more compact pelvis.

HF Self-MOC: Aaron Ace

Ace is the Recon Team’s resident gentle giant, who uses his strength alongside his dual ice shield blasters to carefully subdue crooks rather than pummel them until inoperative.

Kim Ecol

A revamp of an old Hero Factory OC from back during my Instagram days. She’s an adept Recon Team agent equipped for work in toxic environments.

Tahu Mistika

Another blend of modern CCBS and classic G1 styling, and a tribute to one of my favourite iterations of Tahu… At least, conceptually speaking.


This is… Quite a deviation from my normal way of doing things – No internal frame per se, very little CCBS, and a much more classic G1-esque style… But I had fun with it! Hope it’s not too jarring for you all 🙂

Cetro Master of Acid 3.0

My third take on my character Cetro, intended more as a revamp of the first than a new characterisation.

Demo video

Umarak the Destroyer

This has been built since late last year, so it really needed uploading!

Based on a design by @gk733-bonkles here.

Lumba, Master of the Jungle

Another model that’s been built since late last year, but with some tweaks and a new weapon I added this year.

The axe head can swivel like a buzzsaw, and pivot to form a shield.

Demo video


A vicious assassin working for an unknown client, Tsumenote is renowned for being vicious and swift. She has yet to miss a target.

Demo video