Author: Legosaurus

What level of Hell is this?

Image by Earl Ware || IG

Lego Baby Yoda

Created by Hachiroku24 || YT

The Blip

What happened to the Avengers during the blip?

Image by Jeremy Rider || IG

Lego Star Wars: The Mandalorian – Trailers Side by side

Lego Tesla Cybertruck

Check out the build instructions here

Created by

Hachiroku24 || YT

Mr. Peanut

Image by Klyph R’ha Ben Sun

Exit the Y-Wing Starfighter

Image by

Death by Selfie

Image by Julien Ballester || IG

Lego in Love!

Art by Robert van der Merwe || IG


Art by Ethen T || IG